• Fuel Gas Compressor

    Boil Off Gas Compressor

    Hanwha Fuel Gas Compressors can meet power industry applications needs that maximize your productivity. Hanwha BOG Compressor,
    fits in the process of LNG storage and transportation.
    The purpose is to take that Boiled off gas and to re-liquefy through the compression and cooling process.

    LD/HD Compressor

    C3 MR Compressor

    Low-duty and High-duty integrated cargo management system for LNG Carriers C3 & MR(Mixed Refrigerant) Compressors for LNG liquefaction

    Steam Compressor


    Changing the Steam with cooling to the useful energy by MVR(Mechanical Vapor Recompression) system & Supply it as heat source to the reboiler of distillation column. Expander is a centrifugal turbine through which a high pressure gas is expanded to produce work that is used to drive a compressor.
    ● Cryogenic/Refrigerant Cycle
    ● Hot Gas for Power recovery

    High Pressure Compressor

    VRU Compressor

    Gas Compressor for High Pressure Application.

    VRU(Vapor Recovery Unit)Compressors with strickly selected materials and seal 
    technology to handle the highly corrosive gas including hydrogen sulfide.