E Care LLC’s control for centrifugal compressors is “Deviation from Surge”.

This is a form of polytropic head control that provides the most efficient centrifugal control available from fully loaded to the minimum flow before the surge point is reached. This method of control is utilized in our ECC complete control panels as well as our 10RCC Rapid Changeout Controller installed in existing control panels.



Easily adaptable to any centrifugal compressor. The ability to run closer to the surge line which results in reduced energy in throttled conditions and ease of use set us apart from the competition.

  • > Exclusive “Surge Deviation” control logic
  • > A-B CompactLogix open platform PLC
  • > A-B 10” PnaelView color touch screen HMI
  • > Two (2) port Ethernet switch
  • > NEMA 4 enclosures for external electrical devices
  • > NEMA 4 rated, liquid tight, wiring harnesses
  • > NEMA 12 steel panel enclosure
  • > All components are UL & CSA approved
  • > Configured to meet specific compressor requirements